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This tool can easily help you analyze all the links in your web page and find out which links are broken, which links are live. Just input your URL into the box below then click on "Check Now" button, it will automatically detect your Web page all the links.

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How It Works?

A good website itself is very closely linked to a variety of factors, if your site has broken links if not promptly resolved out, the spider will not come, bad links not only for spider influential, its website also has other a bad effect such as: 1, bad spider. spider we all know that access to the page by clicking the link to crawl content, and broken links in terms of the spider is a broken road, let the spider crawl only a small part of the site, go All pages can not lead to a site included an amount not to force. 2, bad links also make the site the right to decline. all know, website weight is transmitted through a hyperlink to pass, when the link between two pages lost effectiveness became broken links, then right both pages of heavy can not normally pass each other, it will cause the right weight values ‚Äč‚Äčimbalance between pages. So that the weight of the site value along very unstable. 3, affect the site of normality. took more broken links, search engine is deliberately put the site will be determined as the dumpster, not high value to users, while users also do not believe that this kind of site, making the site began to lose credibility . Websites Broken Link Checker can help you check the link to your site can help you find all links to your site, and you can also see which links are good and which are bad links, by looking to recover what targeted broken links.

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