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This tool helps you to check whether all external links on your web page are links to your site or not. Please enter a URL in the box below, click on the "Check Now" button to check.

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How It Works?

What is reciprocal link? Reciprocal link, also known as the site to exchange links, reciprocal links, link exchange, affiliate links, etc., is a simple form of cooperation has certain advantages of complementary resources between sites, so users can find their sites from partner sites, and achieve mutual the purpose of promotion, so often used as a basic means of website promotion. Reciprocal link means each of the other sites put a link on their website. You must be able to find the URL and site name on the page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name. Reciprocal link checker helps ensure that your link partners link back to your site. It also determines the link partner link used to anchor text of your site. The site links to a specific URL, reciprocal link checker tool to check link checker is a fast, effective way to check if the site is maintaining the link to your site, without having to waste time manually check each site one by one. Reciprocal linking has become a common way to get backlinks for your site. Many reciprocal link request is absolute garbage, mostly interconnected, may not be conducive website states that many Google search results.

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  • Excelent tools :)
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