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This is a tool that can help you automatically convert dynamic URL to static URL. Please enter a dynamic URL you want to check in the box below and click on the "Check Now" button to submit.

Enter a dynamic URL you want to check in the box below:
Eg. http://www.your-website.com/product.php?categoryid=1&productid=10

How It Works?

Generally, static URLs in the search engine index better than dynamic URLs, here are some reasons:

  • Static URL often rank better in the search engines.
  • Content in the dynamic pages are usually found in the search engines index more slower than static pages.
  • Static URL looks and friendly to the end user.

Dynamic URL example:


Of course, with this information, it may be necessary to perform a URL rewriting becomes apparent. This tool can help you convert dynamic URL to a static URL to see.

Dynamic URL above example uses the Url Rewriting Generator results:




You will need to create a file called ".htaccess" File and paste the code is generated. Once you have created .htacess file just copy it to your web directory. 
This type of URL rewriting will work only if your hosting Apache server.

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