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You want to know what the search engine spiders see something on your website? Please enter your web page URL in the box below and submit. It is very simple to use!

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How It Works?

It is a Search engine spider simulator. Have you ever wondered what the search engines see when they look at your site? Actually there is the search engine spiders do not see one bit of information, and included your site is viewed by search engines than the way you (or your website visitors) will see a big difference. With this tool, simply enter the URL and click a button to see your website through the "eyes" of a search engine spider. You might be surprised to find content based on Flash or JavaScript are almost invisible, and images. Look at your website, by this point can help you find your site design defects can be prevented as a result of relevant your site to be submitted to a targeted search engine users. Flash based content, content generated by JavaScript, the content is displayed as images. The tool displays Web content by search engines in the end to see how it will simulate a search engine. It also shows that will follow (climb) through the search engine, when it access to a particular Web page hyperlink.

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