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Website Links Count Checker can help you check all the links in your web page, classify and count these links. Enter the URL you want to check in the box below and click the "Check Now" button to begin checking.

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How It Works?

Website Links Count Checker is a free tool that can be used to count the number of outgoing links on a particular page, this is because the incoming URL, the page, and then as simple as clicking a button. Link Count Checks can be used for many different purposes. The most common is that site owners may wish to check the number of external links on a particular page, to ensure the quality, because it does not leave too many outbound links is a good idea. More importantly, this tool can be used to save you money, to buy advertising or link building providers headache from less trusted service. Link farms (exists only publish backlinks page or site) will damage your reputation more than they will help, but only a few seconds of your time to analyze a web page, before you decide to exchange links. We recommend that you use this link to check the number of tools as a starting point, to eliminate possible damage to your reputation, if you want to exchange links page. Since then, further analysis is by manual review of the relevance of the page encouragement. You can also use this tool to check Google page rank, to ensure that you will benefit by publishing a link, and to determine the Google PR is authentic or fake.

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  • I had gone through it thoroughly its really worth to spent time on it and i really got to know a lot more from it .

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