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This tool will detect whether your content for search engines use the "Cloaking". When it checks, compare the search engine robots to browse your website to the general visitors browse your site, whether to display the different versions of the text. Enter the box below your web page URL, click on "Check Now" button to check.

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How It Works?

This is a free site search engine Cloaking Checker, to find out if your site has been invisible. Make your website search engine friendly using white hat SEO techniques. Marketing ignite offer free online IP masquerading testing. You can use our free web check invisible, to make your site search engine friendly. Use this free tool to disguise below, you can see if your SEO firm or webmaster using stealth technology on your website. Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique where content available to search engines from what is presented to the user are different. This is used by unethical SEO companies to get a better ranking. Stealth a site based on user agent HTTP or IP address of the user requests content is provided by the head of the page. When a search engine spider trying to access the page invisible, server-side scripting provides a different version of the page, which is not present on the visible contents of the page. The purpose is to deceive search engines in disguise, is considered to be spam. If you want to make your site search engine friendly hesitate to contact us on the form below, we will analyze the site architecture and code your site to ensure that the search engine compliance.

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