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This tool can help you easily find out all the websites hosted on the same server via IP address or domain name. Please enter an IP address or domain name in the box below , click on the "Check Now" button to begin.

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How It Works?

Reverse IP lookup tool, users can find other sites web server running on IP address or domain name can be used to enter the tool query search engine and find other sites hosted on the server. A public IP does not necessarily need to address only one domain name. There may be multiple domain names share a common IP address. This is a convenient hosting companies and organizations best practices, enabling them to reduce the cost of placing the domain on the Internet. In contrast to the Domain IP lookup tools can list all domains hosted that resolve to the same server. By entering the DNS name or IP address of the proposed domain, the IP reverse DNS lookup tool to query the search engine server hosting now find all the domains domains on the same server. The results of the DNS record lookup field and are compared to determine whether the two domains reside on the same server. If the shared hosting server hosts the domain, reverse IP to the domain name query tool can help search engine optimization practices. Search engines may point to different result areas might for a query, because the domain name is hosted on the same server. Because of this, page rank in the search engine will be other areas of the field to be hosted on the same server. This can be based on the search engine rankings help to ensure that there is no problem in the content on the domain hosting server. Use reverse lookup IP: Find all hosted on a given IP address of the domain name. Track from the domain name and IP address to go in the competition. Expand the name of the target areas of research - by using reverse IP reverse lookup you can often find in other areas of an individual owns. Whois privacy on the target domain, the domain knowledge of other related information may be an effective owner has on the surface.

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