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This tool safely reduce the size of HTML code, also compress Javascript code and CSS code in the HTML, make your site load faster. There are two ways to get the HTML code. If your HTML code comes from an online page, please click on the "URL" button, then enter the URL of your web page URL. Otherwise, click on the "Code" button, copy and paste your HTML code. There are two options "Encoding" and "Shrink Variables" for the Javascript code in the HTML code. Finally, click on the "Check Now" button to start the compression.

How It Works?

This is a good tool for people who have a website. This tool will get you to throw away in the garbage grammar, thus compressing your html file at least 30%, so your page opening speed becomes faster, you save a lot of web space, for browsing your website people, it could save time and money.

If you want to format your HTML code, click here.

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